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A People-Oriented Peace Formula for the Donbass

The Washington Quarterly, 42:2, 2019, p. 115-132.


This article (A) explains the status quo (has been the preferred option for both sides) ; (B) shows it is dangerous (“transnistrization” or “abkhazization” of Donbass + facilitating organized crime + freeing Russia to increase tensions elsewhere + affecting Western credibility) ; (C) claims that now is the right time for a change (the 2019-2020 Ukrainian electoral sequence offers a unique opportunity to change the dynamic + Moscow has no exit strategy, but it has at least 3 reasons to look for one) ; and (D) finally proposes a 6-point formula : start a new diplomatic sequence, push Kiev and Moscow to negotiate, explore the potential of a UN mission, maintain unwavering yet demanding support of Kiev, be both firm and open to dialogue with Moscow, encourage a people-oriented approach.

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