Quatrième de couverture

For two centuries, Sade has embodied the most extreme figure of both atheism and perversion. No body of work is as violent toward God, religion, theology, than that of the “divin” marquis. No man has taken blasphemy and profanation so far. To such an extent that it can appear odd to dedicate a book to what Sade thinks of religion, so much the case seems closed : Wasn’t Sade just simply an atheist ? Atheist, without a doubt, but not just simply. What then does he have to say about religion ? What is hidden in this outburst of rage ? Why is God omnipresent ? Why did Sade know the Bible by heart ? Why does he dedicate numerous pages to the dogma of an immortal soul, to confession or to original sin ? Why does his body of work have in spite of it all, an undeniable Christian ring to it ? How does he articulate religion with sex, morality, justice and politics ?

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